Q: Is the venue handicapped accessible?

A:  There is a ramp to enter the building, and handicap stalls in the bathrooms. Tables will be far enough apart to accommodate walking aids, chairs, and hoops.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the door?

A:  Tickets will NOT be available at the door.  They are only available through online sales at Eventbrite.

Q: Can I return my ticket if I can't go?

A:  ALL SALES ARE FINAL! However, since we have a limited number of tickets, those who cannot attend often post their tickets for sale on the Facebook event.  If you sell your ticket to someone else, you have the ability to transfer your ticket to the buyer.

Q: Is there a makeup date or refund if bad weather?

A:  If Mother Nature wields her hand, as long as the weather reports are accurate, we will notify everyone here and on Facebook as early as possible as to what the new plans will be.

Q: Will I get an actual ticket?

A: You will not receive a physical ticket.  Eventbrite will email your ticket.  You may show the mobile ticket or you may pint out a hard copy to be scanned.

Q:  Is there somewhere for me to get dressed there?

A:  We do not have the facilities to accommodate a full dressing room on site.  However, we can't stop you from dressing in the parking lot as Rennies are wont to do. or hooking up with a friend who booked a room for the night.

Q: Can I bring my teenage son/daughter if I'm responsible for them?

A:  Since the event will have alcohol, all attendees are required to be 21.  If your daughter or son is over 21, we will be happy to have them. If not, they are welcome to stay in your room if you booked one for the night.